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New Beginnings


Spring has sprung, and what better time could there be to learn something new?  Open source is a huge topic with a little something for everybody, so go on, jump right in!

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3 Free Map Apps for Your Android Phone

Not sure where you are? All it takes is the right app and you'll never have to roam aimlessly again.

4 More Free GPS Apps for Your Android Phone

If you're still searching for the right GPS app, look no further -- here are even more ideas worth checking out.

4 Free GPS Apps for Your Android Phone

GPS. You've heard of it, but are you using it? If not, be sure to check out these free Android apps.

4 Free Compass Apps for Your Android Phone

Before you head out on your next hike, be sure to install a free (and open source) compass app on your Android phone. Better to be safe than sorry!

5 Free Programs to Help Your Genealogical Research

Genealogy research is an extremely popular hobby that can consume tons of time. But, if you don't want it to consume tons of money, too, check out these five free and open source genealogy software packages for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OS X.

3 Free Weather Apps for Your Android Phone

Your phone goes everywhere with you, so why not have a weather app installed that you can trust?

Gramps: Free Software to Grow Your Family Tree

Need full-featured genealogical software that won't cost you an arm and a leg? Look no further than the free and open source Gramps project for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OS X.

Fun DIY Musical Instruments

Looking for a new instrument to add to your resume? Want to build something fun and entertaining? Why not make one of these?

Gimp Paint Studio

If you're a painter or digital artist looking for some new tools, be sure to check out Gimp Paint Studio, a cool addon for the GIMP.

Get an Open Source Internship

Thinking about how to get some real-world experience with open source? How about an internship?

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